sunset blonde tea time
Kamila and her cousin Elly sharing and playing together.

Teatime is a really great time for some imaginative play, experimenting, and role-play. I recently got my daughter the tea cart from Pottery Barn Kids when it was on sale. I wanted a little table that could be moved from inside to outside so she can easily play outside with water and I wouldn’t have to worry about a big mess. It’s also the perfect height for her and her friends to stand around, pour water from cup to cup, and even drink from.

Tea Cart from Pottery Barn Kids (Photo from

This tends to keep her entertained for quite a long time, she can even push the cart to a different location if she wants to move it around. The little melamine tea set that she has is from Belle and Boo, which I purchased for her for Christmas during our trip to Norway, but I believe you can get it here in the US. I also recommend this Green Toys tea set which we have as well, which is made from food-safe, 100% recycled plastic milk containers, food-safe, FDA tested, BPA- and phthalate-free.


Belle and Boo Birthday Surprise Tea Set
Belle and Boo Birthday Surprise Tea Set
Green Toys™ Tea Set (Photo from

They both come with a tea pot, 4 cups, 4 spoons, plates, creamer dish, and sugar dish with a lid. Get one that won’t break if when they drop the cups (no ceramic). I also just recommend using water for play, not real tea. It’s more about playing with the water than even really drinking it. It’s great to get a set that you can put in the dishwasher also so that you can keep germs and dirt off between playtime. Don’t get a metal tea set either because you don’t want it to rust if you accidentally leave a cup outside or water in it.

Kamila playing with her tea cart outside, as you can see she as spilled a lot of water on the ground already from experimenting with pouring the water.

You can also get a little stand to put real treats/sandwhiches/snacks for the kids also. Just like a real tea party. Or this cupcake set, which they can pretend they are eating cupcakes or use to also pour water into. It is also made from 100% recycled plastic and constructed using food safe mineral based coloring. You can also purchase the Green Toys cupcakes and tea set from – they come in different colors.

Green Toys Cupcake Set (Photo from

It’s really great to get your kids playing outside! We are lucky to live in San Diego where the weather is pretty great all year round, and it’s easy to get the kids outside. I love this activity for them because it also teaches them to explore and cause/effect with the water as well as sharing, roll playing and discovery.

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