My name is Rachel, and I used to live in Los Angeles, California. After I graduated college I began modeling in Miami, and eventually moved to Los Angeles. I lived right off of Sunset Boulevard, I needed a Wi-Fi name, and since I lived with another blonde, I came up with the name “Sunset Blondes”. It has kind of stuck ever since, it became the name I used when I decided to be a make up artist, and create my own line of make-up brushes (which I don’t do anymore). So for years I’ve been using “Sunset Blonde” as my personal brand name, for social media, and I used to have a beauty blog (

But that’s not really my life anymore, I live near San Diego, I have two sweet daughters, an amazing husband (who says his “calling in life is to be a father”- how sweet is that?), and a successful business (Cashmere Hair®️ So, I decided to start a new blog, one based off of my Instagram. I’m not really sure how I’m going to do it- I barely have any free time with being a mom, wife and business owner, but I’m going to try! Over the last few years, and because of my daughters, I’ve come across a lot of really great brands, baby products, and information that I think would be super helpful to other moms out there.

If you already follow me on Instagram, then you already know what I’m all about. I’m going to be going back through my posts and going into more detail and depth, and so you can reference anything you need to easily here on the blog as well as posting some really new exciting things!

Please reach out to me if there is anything that you want to see more of, or have questions about.

Also, just so that you know, everything that I post on here is not a paid post. I don’t know if you know this, but a lot of bloggers get paid for their reviews, so some of the time it’s really hard to determine if the reviews are genuine, and the opinions aren’t based on a paycheck. I’m just doing this for you! All these products are things that I use, have purchased, and/or highly recommend.

You’re welcome!

(If you are wondering about the outfit I’m wearing in the photograph above- I made it by sewing a few yards of lace to a tubetop bra thing that I got from I left the slit opening in the front, so that you could see my belly well. If you can’t sew, you can alway use hotglue or fabric glue- since it’s really a one-time wear type of garment it doesn’t have to be perfect. I wore it with a white bikini bottom, and glued some faux flowers to a thick ribbon and tied it around me.

Click here to see more of my maternity photos from this photoshoot & more of the maternity outfit that I made. (LINK COMING SOON)

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